gTranslator.lha (MorphOS) Readme History
This sbar module allows you to use the google translator from your screenbar!

Just click on the Google-Translator symbol in the screenbar, a window will be opened where you can write the word or sentence you want to translate into the first string gadget. The text will be instantly translated while you are typing!

There are also two custom popup gadgets to choose the source and translated language.
Its now possible to open the translator window by pressing the hotkey alt-#.
It can be customized in the settings.

Note: You can mark the translated text with the mouse then use the contextmenu to copy it to the clipboard!


  • copy "gTranslator.sbar" to SYS:Classes/Screenbar/
  • Now you have to update the displayed sbars:
    • right click on the screen-depth icon (upper right corner of the screen)
    • choose 'Update List'
    • then select the new entry "gTranslator" in the "modules" submenu
Here is a preview how it looks:

The new language selection gadget:
gTranslator Language selection gadgets

Here is a screenshot of the settings:
gTranslator settings

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to gTranslator(at)igracki(dot)de.

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